F3J thermal duration

10 Dec 2016 - New version 3.0.1 fixes FM7/sound issue with X9E. See version history.

17 Dec 2016 - Horus version available


F3J thermal duration is a full-feature setup for thermal sailplanes equipped with 6 servos. It is designed to appeal to pilots who fly F3J and TD competitions, but is also suitable for sport flyers who want to extract the best from their sailplanes.

Key points:

A special 'Calibration' flight mode is provided, to enable precise tracking of control surfaces.

Taranis layout

Interface (X9D + mode 2 shown) - flight modes and mix adjusters


Hardware and operating system requirements

See download section


- for 6-servo gliders
- X- and V-tail versions
- 7 flight modes: Launch, Zoom, Thermal, Cruise, Speed, Kapow, Landing
- Voice callouts

Trimming adjusters

- adjuster for launch preset
- adjuster for camber
- adjuster for aileron diff
- adjuster for spoiler compensation
- adjuster for snapflap volume
- adjuster for zoom reflex

Advanced mixing features

- Aileron differential suppression
- Reverse diff
- Elev compensation with curve

Control surface calibration

- special 'CAL' mode for quick setup
- 5-point balancing curve for flaps
- Full rotation available on flap servos


for Taranis

Version 3.0.1, for X9D, X9DP, X9E and OpenTx v2.1.8+
Full package (ZIP)
Setup Guide only (PDF)

for Horus

Version 3.0.0 Beta for OpenTx 2.2 RC6+
Full package (ZIP)

The Horus template is provided as a pair of .BIN files. A README file explains how to install these on your transmitter.

Older versions and history

See version history


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