Unsupported setups

This page contains various unsupported setups. Please test carefully before use.

Vixen F3J (6-servo wing)

This template is for sailplanes with three pairs of wing surfaces: inner ailerons, outer ailerons, and flaps. It was originally developed for the Vixen. As far as is known this is the first published OpenTx setup for this configuration. It's also notable for using all 64 mixes!

The setup is based on the F3J template. A good knowledge of OpenTx is required to use this setup.

Contributor David Otte
Based on F3J setup
Number of servos 6 wing + 2 fus
Number of mixers used 64
For OpenTx version(s) 2.1.7+
For transmitters X9E, X9D (mods will be required for X9D)
Files included .EEPE file
Excel documentation
Download Download VIXEN.ZIP