Mike Shellim

Having problems with any of my sailplane setups? This page may help.


Date Problem description Advisory
2016-12-23 [X9E] 'Speed' callout not working X9E: FM7 bug and workaround
2016-02-01 [X9E] LS, RS not functioning on X9E Migrating setups from X9D to X9E
2015-10-03 [OpenTx 2.1.2 - 2.1.4] Can't switch flight modes Flight mode selection issue and fix
2014-11-05 [F3F 3.0.0] Incorrect Inputs spec Alert for users of F3F 3.0.0


Which transmitters are supported?
The Taranis X9D, X9D Plus, X9E and Horus are supported for all setups.
Which versions of OpenTx are supported?
Supported OpenTx versions are shown next to the download link.
Can I use my old Taranis setups with OpenTx 2.2?
Older setups should work fine after modification. Note: E-Soar Plus v2.0 for Taranis should not be run under OpenTx 2.2 due to unexpected behaviour of the flight timer. This is fixed in E-Soar Plus v2.1.
How do I check for errors in my setup?
If you think you may have made an unitentional change, then use Companion's 'Compare models' tool. Load the original (unmodified) setup in one pane, and compare it with your 'working' version in the other pane. Any unauthorised changes should be easy to identify.


If you have a query, feel free to drop me an email specifying setup, radio type and OpenTx version.