Support/FAQ for Pro Templates

Mike Shellim
Last updated 05 December 2017

This page is for support of the pro templates.

Current known issues

There are currently two issues affecting the latest templates in conjunction with OpenTx 2.2 and 2.2.1. Please do not flash OpenTx 2.2.1 until both issues have been resolved by the OpenTx developers. Both should be fixed in 2.2.1 RC2.

Date Problem description
2017-12-05 [OpenTx 2.2.1 RC1] GV's corrupted in Companion after conversion
2017-10-23 [OpenTx 2.2] Cannot calibrate flap neutral after flashing OpenTx 2.2

Historical issues

Issues affecting older templates and/or versions of OpenTx:

Date Problem description
2017-04-07 [OpenTx 2.2 RC14/ N366] Cannot reverse left flap CH4
2017-04-06 [all] CAL and/or motor arming gesture not recognised
2017-02-17 [E-Soar Plus 2.0 & OTX 2.2] Timer starts at startup
2016-12-23 [F3J/TD 3.0.0 & X9E] 'Speed' callout not working
2016-02-01 [X9E] LS, RS not mapped correctly on X9E
2015-10-03 [OpenTx 2.1.2 - 2.1.4] Can't switch flight modes
2014-11-05 [F3F 3.0.0] Incorrect Inputs spec

Recommended OpenTx versions

Current versions of the templates support the two main branches of OpenTx:

OpenTx 2.1

Supports the Taranis X9D/X9DP and X9E. Version 2.1.9 is very stable.

OpenTx 2.2

Adds support for newer transmitters (Horus X12S, Q-X7 etc.), otherwise there is no significant extra functionality for sailplane flyers.

Frequently asked questions for pro templates

Which transmitters can I use with the pro templates?
The Taranis X9D, X9D Plus, X9E and Horus X12S are supported by all current templates.
Can I use my Q-X7 transmitter?
The F3F template will work fine with the Q-X7. Other templates will require modification due to the lack of side sliders.
Will I be able to use my Horus X10/X10S transmitter?
OpenTx is not officially released yet for the X10. However it's likely that the templates will run fine with this transmitter when the firmware is available.
I am using an older template. Can I use it with OpenTx 2.2?
To see if your older template is compatible with OpenTx 2.2, please look at the template's version history (there's a link on each download page). If necessary, you can make your setup compatible by applying some simple mods described here. (The exception is E-Soar Plus 2.0 which should not be used with OpenTx 2.2 due to a compatibility issue; this is fixed in E-Soar Plus 2.1).
CAL and motor arming gestures not working.
A small number of users have reported out of tolerance stick units which do not provide consistent end point values - this can break the motor arming and CAL gesture recognition on older templates. All current templates incorporate a workaround.
How do I re-order the channels?
If you're using an X4R SB (S-BUS) receiver and wish to use the standard PWM outputs as well as S-BUS, then you'll probably want to alter the channel order. An easy way is to duplicate the template in Companion so you have 'old' and 'new' versions. First, open a window on each version. In 'new', re-name the affected servo outputs and clean out the associated channels. Finally, re-populate the channels by dragging mixers from 'old' to the corresponding slots in 'new'.
How do I check for errors in my setup?
If you think you may have made a data entry error, then use Companion's 'Compare models' tool to compare your working version with a known good version.

Bug reports

If you find an issue, please email me with the following info:


Comments and queries are always welcome, I can be contacted by email.