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Support for Pro templates

This page is for support of the templates on Ethos Hangar.


All the Pro templates are compatible with any transmitter running Ethos. The minimum Ethos version is shown on the template page.

Organising your models

In Ethos, every model is associated with a model type ('Airplane', 'Glider', 'Heli', 'Multi' or 'Other'). All the Pro templates are of type 'Other'. The model type determines the mixers available for programming and should not be changed.

Starting with version 1.1, Ethos features custom folders. These allow you to categorise your models the way you want. So for example, you could create a 'template' folder for your unedited templates, a 'test' folder for new models, and an 'active' folder for your proven models.

Known issues

Ethos is still evolving. This section covers general issues and their workarounds.

Model is not visible in Model Select screen

Ethos 1.1 does not recognise file names with special characters like '-' and '_', and it can be fussy about upper case characters. If a model is not visible after upgrading to 1.1, then check the name of the .bin file on the SD card. If necessary, rename the file, changing upper case characters to lower case, and stripping out any special characters. Then restart the transmitter. The model should now be visible.


Feedback and queries are always welcome - I can be contacted here. If you have a query, please include: template name and version, Ethos version, transmitter, and the steps to reproduce the issue.