ISA F3F Competition 22 March 1997

Mike Shellim

What is F3F?

F3F is a test of pilot skill and the model's efficiency.

The model is flown as fast as possible between two pylons placed 100m apart on the edge of the ridge.

The flight is timed over five laps. The pilot has thirty seconds from launch in which to gain height before starting his run.

Buzzermen at each pylon use a button linked to an electronic timer to register laps.

Model layout

F3F models have a similar layout and construction to F3B i.e. 3m (10 ft) span approx, with composite carbon/glass/kevlar construction.

The ISA F3F competition was held at Ivinghoe Beacon, a popular slope site 35 miles from London, England.

12 competitors took part. Several Ellipse and Calypsos were flown as well as traditional models such as the Phase-6, Middle Phase, and an own design rudder-elevator model.

Dave Woods flew the new Mini-Ellipse by Jaro Muller (see pic at end) .

The event provided a great opportunity for new F3F flyers to get tips from the more experienced competition flyers in the ISA club.

Beat the Clock

Five rounds were flown, worst score discarded.

Lift ranged from non-existent to reasonable but most models had no difficulty completing the full five laps of the course.

There were no major mishaps. John McCurdy landed prematurely while apparently attempting to manicure the grass. No damage though, and he went on to win the competition flying in his usual attacking style.


Ellipse owners took first, second and third places. Richard Frawley brought in the sole Calypso into fourth place (see pic below).

1. Overall Results

Fastest run: John McCurdy 51.45 sec
Position Name Model Score
1 John McCurdy E2V 3738.5
2 Vince Worsley E1T 3527.7
3 Ken Woodhouse E2V 3293.6
4 Richard Frawley Calypso V 3265.3
5 Antony Cox E2V 3146.8
6 David Woods Mini Ellipse 3043.3
7 Mike Shellim Phase 6 2845.9
8 John Hacker Graffiti 2843.6
9 Andrew Kent Frenzy 3 O/D 2393.8
10 Martin Smith 100" R/E 2207.5
11 Mike Willoughby Middlephase 1949.8
12 Jason Absalon Phase 6 1007.5

2. Handicap Results

Handicap multiplier applied to run times as follows:

>=2.5m A/E = 1.00
<2.5m A/E = 0.85
>=2.5m A/E = 0.80
<2.5m A/E = 0.70
>0m R/E = 0.55

Position Name Model Score
1 Mike Shellim Phase 6 3744.1
2 Martin Smith 100" R/E 3674.3
3 John McCurdy E2V 3561.3
4 John Hacker Graffiti 3285.7
5 David Woods Mini Ellipse 3269.5
6 Vince Worsley E1T 3253.8
7 Andrew Kent Frenzy 3 O/D 3159.4
8 Ken Woodhouse E2V 3062.8
9 Richard Frawley Calypso V 2999.8
10 Antony Cox E2V 2905.8
11 Mike Willoughby Middlephase 2555.8
12 Jason Absalon Phase 6 1380.1