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Sandown Model Exhibition, UK
10th May 1997

by Michael Shellim

Every year thousands of people go to the model show hosted by the Elmbridge model club, at Sandown park about 20 miles from London.

Here are some pics of the 1997 action, taken with Olympus C400L digital camera.


Sandown Park is normally race course. Grandstand (above)
provides excellent viewpoint for flying. Trade stands are indoors.

Paul Skinner with outrageous X-wing machine. 
Landings best done in long grass...

Sleek F5B machine from F2a Supplies. 1.85 m RG15 section

Alan and Freda Head show off the Agressor at the Soar Ahead Sailplanes. Fast and aerobatic low-winger. Glass fus, blue foam wings.

See you again next year!

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