Friday 14th August - FLYOFF

Joe Wurts is 1998 F3J World Champion.

Jan Kohout (CZE) took second spot followed by Interglide winner Arend Borst (Canada).

USA are the clear team winners.

Germany polished up the first three individual Junior slots and came second in the Senior Team placings.

Excitement: the Senior fly-off result was in doubt almost until the final scores were posted. Wurts won the first round, but in the second he dropped some points to Arend Borst after a near disastrous few minutes when he missed an early entry into the main thermal. But he did enough to beat second place man Kohout.

Enduring thoughts on this championship. It was well organised, and the variety of weather conditions really tested the pilots. Without doubt the great team spirit in both the American and German teams were major factors in their success.

For the final day, we have one or two BIGGER pictures - these have BOLD captions. These are 640 x 480 and will take longer to download, but do take a look at the last one of Joe Wurts, this is my own personal favourite.

If you are a competitor, please excuse me if your picture was not included - there simply isn't room to include them all. It was a pleasure to meet so many of you - maybe see you in Greece 2000!

Senior Flyoff Results:

1. WURTS Joe (USA) 1934
2. KOHOUT Jan (CZE) 1917
3. BORST Arend (CAN) 1900

Junior Flyoff:
1. VALLANT Reinhard (GER) 1949
2. THOMAS Kai (GER) 1751
3. HASEMANN Eiko (GER) 1373
3. HOFFMAN Peter (AUT) 6968

Team positions after nine rounds:
1. USA 23443
2. GER 23174
3. NED 22969
4. CZE 22542
5. AUT 22525

For official scores please go to the BARCS site.

Simon Thornton about to launch Calypso in last slot. Finished 14th, disappointed to miss the fly-off by just two places when the tree lift ran out in the last slot.

Peter Hoffman (AUT) concentrating hard in final slot. No mistakes earned him fly-off place and 8th spot.

Girl Power. South Africa manager Michelle Goodrum takes the strain as the towmen test their muscles.
The team came 10th overall, Dion Liebenberg achieved excellent 10th in fly-off.

Christina Hurtig (SWE) placed creditable 15th in Juniors.

Junior team celebrate after Vallant's winning flight.

Another impromptu whoop-and-holler by German juniors.

The Neil Webb Memorial Trophy goes to Joe Wurts (USA). Soon to be used as ballast in a 747.

Just before the presentation.

Brilliant Reinhard Vallant looking slightly bewildered as he collects his silver. Top place juniors received various kits.

British Juniors did themselves proud with second place.

British (2rd), German (1st) and Czech (3rd) juniors crowd the podium.

Jan Kohout (CZE) is popular second-placer in Seniors.

Joe Wurts flew superbly all week to become a worthy 1998 F3J World Champion.