Review: Micron Mini FM Receiver Kit

Mike Shellim (c. 2002)

Completed Rx next to Hitec HS80

After you've built your model, nothing quite beats the satisfaction of building your own radio. However, with good radios so readily available, most of the kit manufacturers in the UK have gone by the wayside.

One exception is Micron, who have been making R/C kits for many years. Following good reports in the ISA list, I decided to build their Mini Competition 7-channel receiver. This is one of a range of four receiver kits on offer.

The receiver supports both 35 and 40 MHz operation without modification and uses Futaba single-conversion crystals.

The Kit

The Kit
Above: kit of parts

A jiffy bag containing all the bits arrived four days from date of order. In the bag:

The receiver uses two boards. The RF board uses an MC3371P chip mounted on a carrier. The decoder uses a 4017.

The trickier bits - connector block, chip carrier and one surface mount component - are pre-soldered at the factory.


A beautifully clear drawing is supplied, and some tuning notes. Assembly was a pleasure but there are a few points worth noting:

Boards completed ready to go in case
Above: RF board on left, decoder at right. Connector block is pre-soldered.


I slid the boards into the case, plugged in the Xtal, servo and battery, and hey presto the unit burst into life!

The single coil needs to be tuned according to the notes - it's a one man job and it takes only a few minutes without the need for a meter. The boards can then be fitted into the case. A Micron sticker shows the channel numbers.


A cheap and cheerful receiver which is fun to build, but you must have good soldering skills as the component density is quite high. The only real niggle is the lack of a proper shroud for the connector block.

I have now flight tested it in my Enigma, using a Multiplex 3030 Tx - and it works a treat.

Your Feedback

Nigel Wrigley writes:

"I have built and flown with the Micron mini and found no problems using JR Tx and crystal. Ian Harrison who did the web site for the Rivington Soaring Association also flies with Micron receivers with no problems.

I did however slip up in swapping two resistors - I think they were the 4K7 and 470K, yellow purple orange and yellow purple red. Easy mistake to make. I have done other electronic kits and thought this one would be a doddle, but that mistake took me a couple of evenings to find and was overlooked three or four times!"


Frequency 35/40 MHz
Op Voltage 4.8 - 6 V
Type FM
Code PPM
Spacing 10KHz
Channels 7 (one shared with battery)
Xtals Futaba (single conversion)
Size 43 x 30 x 24 mm
Price £21.50 as of 06/99


Address Uplands House
Castle Howard Road
North Yorkshire
YO17 6NJ
Tel 01653 696008
Fax 0870 055 4578