Isle of Wight, August 2001

Mike Shellim, 11/12 August 2001

Nineteen pilots turned up for a weekend of competition and fun flying hosted by Brian Harris and Jeff Diamond. 

The Journey

We sailed into Cowes with the fireworks all set to go off, and loads of people lining the promenade.

view from deck

View from the deck.

Saturday - 60 "EPP Pylon Racing.

Atherfield Bay

Brian Harris photo

Our very first 60" EPP Pylon race took place at Atherfield Bay, in smooth 20-25 mph winds. There were 17 competitors. 

Several mid-airs caused little problem for the EPP models, most simply carried on flying!

The winner was Mike Evans flying a modified PMP Rico-she. Newcomer Adrian Law was runner up in the finals and placed third overall.

After the racing, Greg Dakin flew a seriously impressive scale Fox. The sight of this big and heavy (16lb) model doing seemingly casual bunts over the water was memorable indeed (see picture below).

SigSimon Atkinson

John McCurdy
John and McCurdy-mobile outside chalets at Atherfield Bay. Cliffs were a 200m walk away.

Piccolo flying
Pete Rundle entertained us learning to fly his Piccolo.

McCurdysBen McC with sisters Karina and Sophie. They're used to Dad playing with toys! 

Banquet Jeff Diamond and Brian Harris organised a great dinner at the Eight Bells in Carisbrooke. Jeff and Brian are at the head of the table.

Sunday - F3F 

Eighteen competitors travelled to Compton Farm, a deep bowl with a gentle landing area. Wind was 25 mph, and quite bumpy. 

Unfortunately the weather closed in and the comp was aborted during the fourth round. That left John McCurdy the winner, flying his Pike. 

Compton Farm Note impressive chalk cliffs in distance. 

Alex McMeekinAlex flew his Acacia Mk 2 aggressively to take 2nd place. Here tweaking his 3030.

Waiting for the results: Helene, Adrian, Alistair and myself. 

CompetitorsPete Rundle, Greg Dakin, Alex McMeekin and John Phillips.

CompetitorsMike Evans with dinosaur bone trophy donated by Brian Harris.

John McCurdyJohn McCurdy won F3Fm here holding a local IoW stone containing iron pyrites, again kindly donated by Brian.



1  John McCurdy    2797.1
2  Alex McMeekin   2752.3
3  Greg Dakin      2742.6
4  Kev Newton      2718.9
5  Mark Southall   2673.8
6  Pete Rundle     2659.7
7  John Phillips   2572.4
8  Keith Nicholls  2431.3
9  Vic Eldridge    2371.5
10 Mike Shellim    2365.5
11 Peter Bailey    2273.1
12 Adrian Bedford  2257.3
13 Edwin           2201.1
14 Adrian Law      2176.8
15 Mike Evans      2156.3
16 Alistair        1241.1
17 Simon Atkinson  1208.3
18 Jeff Diamond    0.0
Fastest time: John McCurdy 40.04

Excel spreadsheet


1   Mike Evans      99
2   John Bennett    97
3   Adrian Law      96
4   Alex McMeekin   94
5   Keith Nicholls  93
6   Mark Southall   92
7=  Kev Newton      87
7=  Mike Shellim    87
9   John Phillips   84
10  Jeff Diamond    82
11  Adrian Bedford  81
12= Edwin           80
12= Greg Dakin      80
12= Alistair        80
15  Pete Rundle     78
16  John McCurdy    76
17  Vic Eldridge    74

Greg Dakin aerobating  his Fox over Atherfield Bay - Jeff Diamond photo