Mike Shellim
Last updated 6 August 2020

What is OpenTX?

OpenTx is a highly flexible, open source operating system for RC transmitters. The project is directed by a group of talented programmers who are also active model flyers.

OpenTx comes pre-installed on transmitters from several manufacturers including FrSky, Jumper and RadioMaster.

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What models is it good for?

OpenTx is suitable for a wide range of applications: at the simple end, it's great for multirotors where most of the work is done in the flight controller. At the other extreme, OpenTx's ultra-flexible mixing make it ideal for F3X sailplanes.

Designing elegant setups

OpenTx's power can be a double edged sword. In inexperienced hands, setups can end up being over-complex and difficult to adjust. However, it's just as easy to create setups which are elegantly structured, and simple to adjust. One of my goals with this site is to explain how to achieve this, using techniques which are unique to OpenTx.

The results can surpass what can be achieved on other systems including Jeti, Futaba etc.

Pre-defined templates

If you want to get going quickly, then you might want to try one of my Pro Templates, for sailplanes. These have proved popular for both sport and competition pilots as they are full featured yet can be freely customised. Full documentation is provided.

Getting started with OpenTx

If you're new to OpenTx, you may wish to a look at Key Concepts which explains all the basics of how OpenTX works and how to set up a model.

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