26 Nov 2019 - this template is deprecated, please use E-Soar Plus.


Template for electric sailplanes with 2 + 4 servos. Motor control is simple on/off. Suitable models include: MPX Heron, MPX Cularis, E-Flite Radian Pro, Pulsar Pro etc.

Key features:

A novel Calibration mode is provided, for quick setup of control surfaces.

Taranis layout

Default interface (X9D + mode 2 shown) - flight modes , mix adjusters and misc



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- For electric gliders with six servos
- Support for X-, T- and V-tail
- Any stick mode

Flight modes

- Power, Thermal, Cruise, Landing
- Voice confirmation of flight mode

Motor features

- Full-power or Off
- Secure arming/kill system
- Dedicated 'Power' flight mode

In-flight adjusters

- Adjuster for aileron diff
- Adjuster for spoiler compensation

Spoiler functions

- Aileron differential suppression
- Reverse differential
- Spoiler->elevator compensation
- Adjustable spoiler stick deadband

Camber functions

- Variable flap control (Thermal mode)

Control surface calibration

- 'CAL' mode for easy travel adustment
- 5-point balancing curve for flaps
- Full rotation available on flap servos


- Integral flight timer
- Channels 8-9 free for other functions
- Aileron to rudder mix

E-Soar v2.0.0

Supported transmitters: X9D, X9DP, X9E, X10, X12
For OpenTx: v2.1.9, v2.2.1


Blog: A better motor arming system for the Taranis


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