F3F Setup for Taranis

Migrating your F3F setups to OpenTx 2.0

These notes explain how to use your older F3F setups with OpenTx version 2.0

F3F v 2.04 and older

After flashing OpenTx 2.0, you may not be able to activate Calibration mode. To fix this, a small change is required to logical switches L4 and L5:

F3F v 2.03 and older

After flashing OpenTx 2.0, the instructions for setting up some mixers will no longer be valid1. The mixers affected are:

After migration, two adjustments will be required to both offset and weight (instead of a single adjustment as designed). Moreover, the adjustments will be interdependent. To avoid these complications, make sure that you finalise these mixers before flashing OpenTx 2.0

Best practice

1The order of processing of mixer weight and offset has been changed in OpenTx version 2. This affects the adjustment of mixers which contain non-zero values of offset.