Re-numbering servo channels

Mike Shellim 19 Dec 2017
Last updated 8 Feb 2018

If you're using a mixed PWM/S-Bus setup (e.g. with X4RSB rx), then you may want to alter the channel numbering in your template. There are two ways to do this.

Using a Lua script

'Jesper' (RC Groups handle) is the author of a cool Lua script which allows you to move channels around freely, including high channels. It works very well - more info here, see post #7. Channel references in the Mixers menu are all maintained correctly, however you'll need to check for broken references in the Logical Switch and Special Function menus.

Using a manual method

If you can't use the Lua script for any reason, then there's also a manual method. However it's best used on the servo channels only (renumbering higher channels may require references to be fixed which will involve more manual work).

There are three stages involved: duplicating the template, swapping outputs, and swapping mixers.

Example used in screenshots

Our example will show how to move channels 5, 6 to channels 1, 2.

Channels 3 and 4 remain unchanged.

Step 1: Duplicate the template

  1. Start Companion and load the model data (either from file or from the radio)
  2. Locate your template. Designate this as the 'working' template.
  3. Make a duplicate in a spare slot, designate it as the 'backup'.
  4. Open both templates (two windows)
  5. Rename the backup template (to distinguish it from the working template).

Step 2. Swap the outputs

  1. Select the Outputs tab in each window.
  2. In the working template, rename the outputs, then copy over the rest of the settings from 'backup' (either by typing or copy & paste).


Step 4: Swap mixers (drag 'n drop)

  1. Select the Mixers tab in both windows.
  2. In the working template, delete mixers in changed channels.

  3. Re-populate channels by dragging and dropping mixers from the 'backup' template. Keep the order of the mixers the same.

Finally, check thoroughly!

Hopefully it wasn't quite the PITA that it seemed... (though did I say it needs a Lua script?!)