Support/FAQ for Pro Templates

Mike Shellim
Last updated 12 May 2021

This page is for support of the Pro templates, though some of the material may be of general interest. Here you can find out which transmitters and OpenTx versions are supported, any known issues, and how to migrate your setups.

Compatible transmitters

OpenTx compatibility

OpenTX 2.3

OpenTX 2.2

OpenTX 2.1

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Open issues:
There are currently no open issues

Closed issues:

Date Problem description
2020-10-31 Flaps do not move [F3F template V5.0.1]
2020-06-20 Unexpected behaviour in Companion simulator [OpenTX 2.3.8]
2019-10-12 Advanced snapflap script (snp401) fails after migrating to OpenTX 2.3
2018-05-10 Custom sounds no longer work after upgrading from OpenTx 2.1 to 2.2
2017-12-10 Servo centres shift after upgrading from OpenTx 2.1 to 2.2
2017-10-23 Cannot calibrate flap neutral [OpenTx 2.2.0, fixed in 2.2.1]
2017-12-05 GV's corrupted in Companion after conversion [OpenTx 2.2.1 RC1]
2017-04-07 Cannot reverse left flap CH4 [OpenTx 2.2 RC14/ N366]
2017-04-06 CAL and/or arming gesture not recognised [E-Soar and E-Soar Plus]
2017-02-17 Timer starts at startup [E-Soar Plus 2.0 & OTX 2.2]
2016-12-23 'Speed' callout not working [F3J/TD 3.0.0 & X9E]
2016-02-01 LS, RS not mapped correctly on X9E [X9E]
2015-10-03 Can't switch flight modes [OpenTx 2.1.2 - 2.1.4]
2014-11-05 Incorrect Inputs spec [F3F 3.0.0]


Pro templates FAQ

Motor control (CH7) is not working on G-RX8 receiver
Make sure that CH7 is configured for PWM output (and not S.BUS out). See receiver instructions.
I can't find the GVARs menu!
There's no dedicated GVARS menu on the Q X7, X-Lite, and X-Lite Pro. Instead, GVARS are set in the Flight Modes menu. For other transmitters, re-flash OpenTx ensuring that the NOGVARS option is unchecked in Companion Settings -> Build options.
How do I re-order the servo channels?
Servo channels can be re-ordered using my Channel Changer script.
I think I've pressed the wrong key - help!
If you suspect you made a data entry error in Companion, then there's no need to start again. Load a .eepe or .otx file containing a known working version of the template, and use Companion's 'Compare models' tool to identify any differences.


Using the Pro templates with different transmitters

The Pro templates are built for the X9D. To convert a template for another transmitter: launch Companion, select a profile for the target transmitter, and open the template. Companion will perform a conversion.

Starting with OpenTX 2.2.2, Companion displays warnings if it detects any conversion issues. Usually no action is needed. In the example below, four mixes need to be verified; no correction is required since the 'old' and 'new' columns are identical.

Companion warnings

Transferring models to another transmitter

At some point you may want to transfer all your models to a second transmitter.

The method described below will preserve the radio settings (including stick calibration) of the target transmitter.

  1. Start Companion, select a profile for the target transmitter (create a new profile if necessary, remembering to select the correct radio type).
  2. Connect the source transmitter by USB and choose "read models and settings from radio".
  3. Check any conversion error alerts, make a note of what needs to be fixed.
  4. Disconnect the source transmitter.
  5. Connect the target transmitter by USB and choose "read models and settings from radio". This will open a second window.
  6. Drag your models from the source window to the target window.
  7. Close the source window. There should now be a single window open for the target transmitter.
  8. Choose 'write models and settings' to update the target transmitter.
  9. Copy all model-specific sound files to the target's SD card.
  10. Disconnect the target transmitter.

Note: If there's more than one point difference in version numbers for example 2.1->2.3, it's more reliable to convert the data in single-point steps 2.1->2.2->2.3. For this, you'll need to install multiple versions of Companion. The final transfer to the target need only be done after the last conversion.

Reporting issues

If you find an issue, please email me with the following detailed info:

If there's insufficient info to reproduce the problem, I'll just pass it back, so please take the time to document the steps carefully.


Official OpenTx website:


Comments and queries are always welcome, I can be contacted by email.