An Afternoon with Dave Brackman

Mike Shellim, c. 2002
Work in Progress!Dave Brackman is another regular at Ivinghoe Beacon with whom I passed a fascinating afternoon at his home.

After starting in the fashion business, Dave turned to his first love, fine-art painting, where he specialises in intricate nautical canvases.

A brief look at his paintings shows why his work is in such demand...

Nautical Scene Dave's a proficient flyer and scratch builder having taught himself GRP moulding. He received a medal at the Model Engineer Exhibition with a superb miniature scratch-built battleship.

Multiplex DartPhoto left: Multiplex Dart, modified for aileron/elevator control so that Dave can use a standard radio without V-mixer. Note slide-in radio carrier.

Uses three tiny Naro servos. Inset shows Naro servo next to Futaba 148 for comparison.