Graham Woods

Graham Woods , 1997
Graham Woods launching Dynosoar

Graham launching his own-design Dynosoar for John McCurdy.

My brother David and I have been flying for nearly 20 years mostly slope aerobatics and sport flying at Ivinghoe. We started by thermal soaring in the early days at Enfield Playing fields (N. London) with a bungee, towline and and a Graupner Amigo. I actually had to learn to drive to save begging for lifts to the hills. I regularly appear on the slopes with David who is an avid F3F/Pylon International competitor having flown in Norway, Denmark, Scotland, America, France and Spain in competition.

David is now turning his hand to airborne telemetry (airspeed, altitude and temperature) cramming the electronics into his Ellipse 2-Vee. We both had a go at power flying and found it relatively easy after flying gliders but the lure of the hills still attracts us to this day.

These days I spend more time chatting on the hill than flying and fear becoming an 'armchair pundit'. Editing The Beacon and my PC don't help with flying and building either.