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Pibros is a cheap simple foamie for fun/combat slope soaring, by Marcel Guwang. Hundreds have been built from these pages. Here you will find:

  • Building instructions in English
  • Balsa, i/c powered and electric variants
  • Feedback from fellow builders

A Brace of Pibri


Slope racing pilot Richard Frawley writes:

"I had my first introduction to the Pibros in March of 1997 at the Spanish F3F at Arilla. The French F3F team brought five of these delightful craft to the event.

What is great about the Pibros is that there is no fear about handing the sticks to another pilot. There is little chance that irreparable damage can be sustained.

As far as flight performance goes, I wasn’t disappointed. The hardest part was handing back the controls. I was hooked, I wanted one and I wanted one now!"


How to build your Pibros

The instructions are provided as a set of pages which you can select from the list on the left.

To print a page, display the page then:

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Richard Frawley
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