1. Overview

Marcel Guwang with Pibros

Pibros in flight
Marcel Guwang with Pibros

With the Pibros, if you have 2 hours to spare, you can build yourself a fun slope plane for less than 4, (excluding the radio gear of course ) and I guarantee it will provide hours of fun!

Despite the low cost, the Pibros is a real fun machine. Its agility will surprise you. The low weight, low inertia, and quick reactions, make this a very pleasurable machine to fly. Lots of fun can be had by flying "butterfly" combat with other Pibros flyers.

The low speed of the craft and brilliant manoeuvring ability, tend to make combat sessions very much up close and in your face and of course, quite a lot of fun. I have seen many a downed Pibros due to uncontrolled hilarity and the induced poor stick control.

Technical Details


Wingspan 800 mm
Length 460 mm
Profile 4.5% relative thickness, autostable with elevon slightly raised
Surface area 200dm2
Weight 250gms
Wing loading 12.5gms/dm


  • 2 mini or micro servos
  • Computer transmitter with Elevon mixing, Exponential, Dual rate functions
  • Lightweight 4 channel Rx
  • 220mAh NiMH battery pack

Weight Specifications

Item Wt (grms)
2 micro -servos 40
1 battery 220mAh: (270mAh is OK as well) 60
1 receiver 30
Miscellaneous (control horns, push rods, cables) 10
Depron 100
Total ~250

Centre of Gravity

210mm from the nose

Last updated January 15, 1999