7. Electric DF Conversion

by Nick Wierda nwierda@flevonet.nl

I built the Pibros as a test platform for my self made speed 300 EDF (we don't have many slopes to soar here in flat Holland!).

Using black Depron and black insulation tape, it's got a sinister, stealthy X-Files look. It's also got the advantage that scratches, bumps and other dirt are not as visible as on white Depron.

Yer actual DF Pibros in flight!

I made the rotor from pieces of Gunther prop, bent to shape using a hair dryer. A real DF, no clipped crossed props.

On 7 cells 500 AR it has a static thrust of some 190 gr (7 oz) at 8V, 8.5 amps and 30.000 rpm. A skinned receiver and two 9 gr (0.3 oz) servo's, a little ESC.

In this confuguration the pibros weights about 350 gram's (12.4 oz). It uses 3 holes at the bottom of the wing as a finger grip for launching. It launches nicely, no catapult needed.

It flies marvellously. Rolls, loops and low fly bys are no problem. 4 min's flying time, so some 7.5 amps in flight.

On 8 cells it flies much better, but flying time goes down. Making a mistake is no problem at all - it just bounces off the ground. Reconnect the battery, launch it, and off it goes again! We even flew it inside a gym, indoor.

Second picture

Last updated January 13, 2000