8. OS 10 Power

by Traugott Emrich

After crashing my first Electro Pibros I wanted one that would fly at full speed for more than 3 Minutes! I built this variant based on the plans and description for the standard version, which means I've used 3mm Depron and the Wingspan is 800 mm.

An 0.49 engine shold be sufficient for normal flying but with an OS 10 you can fly vertically up into the sky ...

Wow, an OS 10 powered Pibros!

So here it is, the OS-Pibros, powered by an OS-10 Engine and flight time of 15 Minutes at top speed!

Note the gyro.

Picture above shows the open cover and all electronic components, (2 micro servos, 1 normal servo controling the throttle, Receiver, Gyro Sensor and 270mA Battery) which must be placed to keep the CG at the original position.

The elevon servos are controlled by a gyro sensor (Wingo). The gyro is costly, but absolutely recommended, the Pibros flies absolutely stable and true. The gyro controls the 2 ailerons, the sensitivity of the gyro is RC controlled.

The cover is made of styrofoam (and a flap made of balsa wood) glued and taped on top of the depron.

Engine installation

The Engine is mounted on 2 planks of wood ~ 170x60x3 mm on top and bottom of the Pibros, the planks are glued and taped on the depron.

I extended the muffler with a tube, this decreases the noise and avoids exhaust mess on the depron. No special steps to fuel-proof, after ~15 flights no problems so far.

I'm using a Aeronaut Folding prop, because a normal prop breaks at every second landing.

Flying this Pibros is incredible, great, its easy and very stable also having a very impressive roll rate.

Regards, Traugott

Last updated January 12, 2000