Hitec 5125 Dismantled

Mike Shellim 19 March 2006

The Hitec 5125 is a popular 10mm digital wing servo which offers good performance. However several pilots have found that the output gear is prone to breaking. Here are some pictures this issue, and how to dismantle the servo. (The servo was damaged when I pranged my Falcon during a Winter League comp!).

1. Servo with case top removed and classic signs of gear damage...

2. Broken teeth...

3. Output gear and orphaned fangs

4.To remove the amplifier and motor assembly, first remove the stickers, then grip the exposed sides of the motor firmly, and gently tease out of the case. The potentiometer can be pushed out by pressing down on the output shaft with the flat of a screwdriver.

5. Complete assembly including the potentiometer removed. The servo cable was torn off in the crash. It would be tricky to solder a new one directly to the board.