Auto-mating D-connectors

Mike Shellim, 12 December 2002

The Problem

The servo leads in your F3F ship are a pain to connect up. Especially when your hands are cold and it's blowing a gale...

No more flying leads 

Construct a housing for the D-connector so it  mates automatically when the wing is bolted in place. 

Step 1: Cut some lugs and posts from wood and g/f circuit board.


Step 2:
Epoxy lugs to posts.

Step 3:
Drill lugs, then bolt D-Connector to lugs.

Step 4:
Trial fit with male connector plugged in, and mark posts where male connector is flush with wing seat..


Step 5:
Cut off excess from posts, epoxy in place and when cured file flush with wing seat. Note hardwood infill.


Step 6:
The male connector is simply taped in place under the wing.


And that's it.