Ikarus EasyFly

Reviewed by Mike Shellim (2002)

Easyfly is Ikarus's latest entry into the R/C simulator market. For details of hardware requirements and software installation see my Piccofly review.

The basic sim contains one glider (Discus 2B), two choppers (Bell Jet Ranger, ThreeDee) and three fixed wing aircraft (Christen Eagle, CAP 232 , Mustang P51). One scenery is provided. An add-on provides seven extra aircraft (including an F16) and two more scenes.

The simulator has two personalities. In "fixed view" It acts as an R/C training aid, and in "follow-mode" as an entertaining no-frills flight sim with a "full-size" feel about it.

A Discus is provided for us soaring addicts. The sim generates slope lift to complete the experience but I didn't feel the simulation was as good as the power models.


Cap 232 in "follow-mode" over Holiday Island

Knife-edge over the run-way

The F16 sounds great.

In "follow" mode you get a view from the aircraft behind.

This shed is great for flying through!

Discus soaring over Island

Flying under this bridge in the F16 is another little challenge.

Discus flying over the lighthouse. Island in the distance has rotating windmills and airstrip

Model selection menu.

Keyboard options


The scenery is good, and the graphics acceptably smooth even on my old old Millennium G200 graphics card. Some of the models work better than others (the two most entertaining are the CAP 232 and F16). The handling of the fixed wing aircraft was convincing. I would recommend getting the Addon pack as part of the bundle just for the F16 alone.


Ikarus http://www.ikarus-modellbau.de/