Ellipse 2 - A Sport Flyers View

Jim Chambers  c. 1999

I was asked by Mike Shellim to say a few words about my experiences after nearly two years of Sports flying the Ellipse 2. Now as most of you know I'm not a competition flyer, and you may well ask why I spent all that money on a model.

Well this is no ordinary machine, being built to extraordinary high standards by Jaro Muller in Slovakia. One cannot really put into words the feeling and feedback one gets from this glider. Or the lack of any play in the linkages. Or the way the fine aerodynamic balance is reflected in the very small joystick travel to make a change in attitude.

Flying the Ellipse

The very low drag figure enables one to convert speed in a dive to a climb out to within a few percent of the original height. The wing section gives a low sink rate provided one keeps to a reasonable speed, and is nearly neutral in pitch when inverted.

In thermal conditions it does require a higher skill level, especially in small radius turns. It has taken me some time to master feeding in some up rudder to keep the nose up. If both the ailerons and flaps are drooped down 3 degrees or so a usful bit of height can be gained, and the flight continued into lighter slope lift.

It does take some confidence to fly in very light conditions but it can be done, but not in the first few weeks of conversion to this type of plane. Conversly there is no top limit to wind speed providing you can stand up! It will continue to penetrate well even if you get caught down wind.

The Bottom Line

Yes I know it cost twice the price of a Multiplex Alpina but it flies ten times better, and for older pilots, remember there are no pockets in a shroud. Lastly I can say truthfully that if you have reached a senior flight level and have the money do not hesitate - get one!

Technical Tips