Planes Database for 'Plane Geometry'

VisionAire VantageThe Planes Database from Blane Rawdon ( contains data on 24 models. The database is supplied as an Excel file and can be used either as a stand-alond datafile, or in conjunction with the Plane Geometry program.

Using the database with Plane Geometry is not essential but it allows sophisicated stability calculations to be performed on each design. See the Plane Geometry review.

Adding to the Database

Blaine Rawdon says:

"I am eager to collect more planes. If you have a popular or interesting model, or see a trustworthy drawing of same, please measure it! Put just the data input block on a disk and mail it to me with a self-addressed stamped envelope. I will put the model in the database, copy this new database to your disk, and mail your disk back. That way you get the latest database and I get to build up the database. If you live outside the USA, you can omit the stamp on the envelope! Note that you can also get "famous" this way - I include the names of the contributors on each data block! "