PMP Rico-she

60" EPP pylon racer

Ian Mason


After returning to the slopes using the Phoenix models Synergy I was looking for a new challenge. Stan Yeo describes the Rico-she as a virtually crash proof model designed for the new EPP 60" Pylon racing class. The challenge of flying a faster, more efficient model with the added element of flapperons seemed to be the logical next step. Combined with a 'virtually crash proof' model how could I go wrong?

What you get in the box.

The contents of the box should not come as any surprise to anyone who has bought one of Stan Yeo's excellent models before. Both the EPP and wood parts are all cut to a high standard, although both the 1.5mm plywood and 8mm EPP parts for the fuselage came in the shape of a dog's hind leg.

Building & Covering

With the 3 pages of instructions you can produce a model 'just like Stan's' in the 12-15 hours of building suggested. Although there's a fair amount of drying and curing time between box and field. Covering was the bit I had been dreading, after filling the house with EPP dust my hard work was about to be taped over and given that EPP tatty look. Then I discovered that Solartex sticks to sanded CW tape and the heat doesn't melt the EPP of CW tape. A combination of Solartex and tape gave me both a smooth (ish) covering job without the creases and folds that come with using tape alone. This was improved further when I changed the wings to bolt-on fixings and is the only change I'd make to the kit. 


The model is a manageable step up from a trainer but still a step up, quick and efficient. I've never seen any Pylon racing but I can just about keep up with the 'crunchy' models for club flying. The model's aerobatic performance and efficiency are both good, all manoeuvres not requiring a rudder are possible- and have been tried with varying degrees of success.

Getting over the habit of having all or nothing on the elevator helps. Landings are where the EPP has proved it's worth and shown just how much faster than a trainer the model is- especially when it's over shooting (sorry low pass) straight towards you! The first landings were very eventful I managed to combine sheep droppings, cart wheels and 2 touch-and-goes.

The post flight procedure was panic, relax, clean up and get ready for another go- EPP in it's element. The only damage was a crease in the leading edge when I stuck my leg out to stop it- spot landing. A crunchy model would have needed several repairs by now, the Rico-she hasn't (whilst giving good performance and reasonable looks) perhaps it really is a crash proof sports racer? Next stop pylon racing.


Model Rico-she
Span 1520 mm
Manufacturer Phoenix Model Products 
Price See Phoenix website for latest prices