Review: PMP Synergy

EPP Aileron Trainer

Ian Mason

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After 8 months (with a F&M break) of flying my Synergy I thought that you might like a couple of comments on it’s long term durability and performance,

Looks and Style.

These don’t get any better with time. When I first built the model, (covered in orange and blue tape) I thought EPP was a nightmare to build, the covering made it look shabby and most unaerodynamic. I’ve got used to this now but compared to other planes it looks like the poor relation.


These are without question superb. I think I’ve made just about every mistake going with this plane. I’ve launched it with too much down trim and buried it into the cliff 80ft below, found every rock on the landing site and I don’t think I actually saw it touch the ground for the first dozen attempts. In each case I didn’t even turn off the radio. A quick wiggle of the sticks correct the trim and off we go again.

The sum total of the visible damage is a crease in the tape over the leading edge of a wing. Such durability means that I have attempted low passes and aerobatics that I wouldn’t have dreamed of with a ‘breakable’ model.

Flying performance.

I didn’t fit any provision for ballast but I’ve still flown the model in winds up to 30 MPH and in pretty turbulent cliff soaring conditions. The model’s characteristics are very gentle and forgiving, once air-born it does take some crashing! A definite weak point is it’s inverted flying, it will do this but the performance is poor. But this is an aileron trainer, not an aerobatics model.


It looks chunky and inelegant on the ground but this is soon forgotten in the air. As a route back into flying/first slope sorer the Synergy takes some beating. In short, I’m about to build a rico-SHE EPP


Model Synergy 62"
Manufacturer Phoenix Model Products
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