Sample Model Setups

This page contains various setups used by various pllots. These are provided as PDF's and CIF data files. To load a CIF file into the Tx, a backup program which supports the .CIF file format (e.g. P4000 backup) will be required.

F3F Setup (first version)

Simon Hall's F3F setup. Uses flightmodes, logic switches, multimix, 'pure' stick signals.

Note CIF file is for V2 Tx's only.

CIF files used by Joe Wurts and Daryl Perkins.

All files are for Version 2 Tx's only. All files provided by Karlton.

Miscellaneous CIF files

The Movie demo file makes use of the delay features of the P-4000. Files are for Version 2 Tx's only. With thanks to Karlton Spindle.