Volz Wing-Maxx CNC Mounts

Previewed by Mike Shellim  c. 2000


CMC Mount and ScrewsWith the rising popularity of hollow moulded wings for F3x applications, it's surprising that servo manufacturers have done little to make servo mounting - and removal - easier.

One notable exception is Volz who have developed CNC mounts specifically for hollow moulded wings, both for the Micro-Maxx and the 10mm thick Wing-Maxx servos.

CNC Mount and WingMaxx ServoFrame and Mount

The CNC mount is addtional to the snap in frame already used (for a description see the WingMaxx review).

The mount consists of a 4mm CNC-cut ply plate which fits around the top end of the servo frame. The frame is fixed to the mount by way of two screws through lugs (see photo). Note that the lugs on the frame are a recent mod.

The CNC mount supplied was a pre-production item - the screw holes will be moved slightly for the production version. Also the screws were too long, again I am told this will also be fixed.

Mount and Servo in WingInstallation

Photo (right) shows a dry run for the aileron servo in my Acacia F3F. Note how accessible everything is.

For final assembly I'll put a layer of carbon cloth under the mount to strengthen the skin at that point.

As well as screwing the frame to the mount, I will probably also use glue (epoxy or perhaps a hot glue gun) to make a really rigid assembly. This means the frame can't be detached from the mount, however the servos will be removable from the frame using the grub screw fixing method described in the servo review.