F3F Rules

2013 BMFA slope soaring national championships

2013 BMFA F3F Nats, S. Wales

The information on this page is no longer maintained and may be out of date.

This page contains a summary of the BMFA F3F rules. For the full unabridged version, see BMFA rulebook.

League structure

The BMFA league comprises two mini-leagues, for one- and two-day events as listed in the BARCS calendar of events.

One-day mini-league

The one-day mini-league is based on traditional one-day league events. ('L1', 'L2' etc.). Your score in the one-day mini-league is the aggregate of your best competition scores as follows:

Comps run Best scores counting
8 4
6, 7 3
3,4,5 2
<3 All

Two-day mini-league

The two-day mini-league is based on designated two-day events. These include BMFA F3F Nationals, BARCS F3F Open, and UK-based Eurotour competitions.

Your score in the two-day mini-league is your single best competition score:

Comps run Best scores counting
any number 1

League score

Your final league score is the sum of your one-day and two-day mini-league scores.


A competition consists of a number of rounds. Each pilot flies once in each round and the time recorded. At the end of each round, the pilot with the fastest time is awarded 1000 points. Other pilots scored pro rata e.g. if the fastest time is 35 seconds, and you fly 40 seconds, your round score is 1000 x 35/40 = 875.

At the end of the competition, each pilots round scores are added up, with discards applied as follows.

The winner of the competition is the pilot with the highest aggregate score. The winner is awarded 1000 points towards the league championship, with all other pilots scored pro-rata. In order for a particular competition to count towards the BMFA league:

Wind speed range