Channel Check Plus

by Mike Shellim
3 November 2006


Channel Check Plus module. Note connectors at left and right.

The Channel Check Plus (CCP) module was promised in time for the review of the Cockpit SX, but sadly it didn't arrive in time to test. However I have now received one, and it was worth the wait.

The CCP is a safety device which can prevent crashes arising from frequency clashes. As the transmitter is powered up, the CCP automatically scans for any transmissions on your frequency. If another transmission is detected, your transmitter is blocked from radiating. This can prevent two of the most common types of accident:

The CCP module also provides a simple scan function for monitoring any channel.

Unlike the channel check on the old Cockpit MM, the CCP module does not require an extra crystal.

Note also that the CCP is the same shape and size as the Evo scanner module, but the two are not interchangable.


The CCP module plugs into a pair of exposed connectors just below the antenna block in the Cockpit SX. Obviously the Tx case must be opened for this (it requires seven Torx screws to be undone).

In Use

For tests, my Profi 4000 was used as the 'rogue' transmitter. With the 4000 switched on an, any attempt to fire up the Cockpit SX failed,with four warning beeps. The only option was to switch off and select a free channel. It all seems to work very smoothly.

The instructions contain advice on getting the best results, e.g. extending the aerial and not standing too close to other Tx's while scanning.

Scanner Function

The CCP module also provides a 'manual scan' function. As you scroll through the channels in the channel selection screen, the signal strength is displayed as a bar graph showing up to four levels.

It's not as sophisticated as the auto-sweeping scanners on the Evo and 4000, but it's very simple to use and perfectly adequate.


I like the Channel Check Plus module a lot. It is neatly integrated with the Cockpit SX firmware and the 'manual scan' function is a very useful bonus.

Similar modules in my 4000 and Evo have prevented at least two potentially expensive crashes over recent years, so I personally need no convincing about the benefits!

Highly recommended!


Installed in the Tx