Multiplex Museum

These pages trace the development of the earlier Multiplex's systems, dating back from the model 101 in the 1960's.

My thanks to the following for their contributions: Roger Forgues, Stuart Brown, Ad van der Stappen, Bernd Asmus, Georg Lillig, A. Bricteux, jannicam, Carlo Canobbio, Arnout Janssen, Sinisa Despotovic, Eckart Müller, and Michael Gnewikow.


Please do not email requesting old manuals as I am unable to help. Some manuals are available from the Multiplex web site.

Multiplex Milestones (compiled by Jo Grini)

1963 First digital-proportional transmitter with analog servos
1967 Introduction of 'digital proportional' servos.
1968 First mini servo
1971 First micro servo
1975 FM technic and 10khz raster
1976 First programmable transmitter
1977 Introduction of multinaut system
1978 434mhz with interchangeable crystals
1979 First digital system with modulsystem