Early Digitron

by Eckart Müller


[Thanks to Eckart for these fascinating insights into this early MPX transmitter]

Here are some fotos of my first MPX transmitter. I think, its one of MPX first prop-TX. The two
switches on the right are selfmade.

Q How many years did you fly with this set?
A For many years. So about seven or eight years. My next Tx was the MPX-PROFESSIONAL, I hope it is the correct name, it was that type of transmitter, which was the first "programmable" one by plugging and unplugging the connectors inside the transmitter, you know what I mean? From todays point of view a terrible technology, but at that time a wonderful progress.

Q. How fast were the servos?
A. I really don't know. At this time, I was happy that everthing works well. I never thought about the servo's speed. But I remember, they were blue, like the reciver, had linear levers and were loud.

Q What was the quality?
A I think it was good . I can't remember of a crash due to a electronic failure. When I crashed, it was pilots error.

Q What kind of models did you fly with?
A Models like BURDA-PIPER (by HEGI), BIG-LIFT, SPOOKY (small low wing by TOPP), FB-37 (designed by Fritz Bosch), SHOESTRING (Top-Flite?), ASK-14, different BAUERMANN-Sailplanes and similar.