Combi 80 Sport & Combi 90

from Stuart Brown


Multiplex Combi 80 Sport

"Looking at your Multiplex Museum page, I remembered some photos I had of two old MPX sets I used to own (sold a few years back)."

Combi 80 Sport

"I bought it second hand in 1989. In south Africa at the time we flew on 60Mhz (since changed to 35)." 

"The radio had a plug in RF module. The small white switch at the top left was a home made switch for the 5th channel. I think there were 7 channels in all, note the provision for two rotary controls in the center.

Servo reversing was done by unplugging the control "widget"

from the radio circuit board, rotating the plug 180 degree and plugging back in. The case was opened by removing two clips on the sides, then the back could pull away.

I got the OKO servo's with the radio. Because I did not buy the radio new I cannot say if they came with the radio or were acquired separately. They had MPX plugs and the label reads "OKO II Servo Best. Nr. 6 5008". Comparing to the label on the servos with the Profi 90 (which are MPX servos), the part number is a MPX number! So I guess they came with the radio when new.

I also had a Combi 80 Gold Edition. It looked the same but was in a gold case. I'm not sure but I think it had something to do with the switch over to 10Khz spacing (I recall a sticker on the back mentioning 10kHz). The gold edition had dual rates, set via two small plastic knobs on the top of the radio and switched in and out via two switches. It also had a 5th switched channel (some reverse engineering produced the home made 5th channel on the 80 sport)."

Combi 90

"The second set is a Combi 90. It looks like the same set you have in the museum as the MPX Commander."

Multiplex Combi 90

"This one was bought second hand in 1993, also on 60Mhz. Same RF module, servo reversing, but it had a few other goodies like dual rates, combi switch and two sliders in the center. All the controls at the bottom are covered by a plastic cover that slid down and then rotated up to gain access.

Both these radio's already had the familiar MPX DIN plug for charging and buddy box and antenna stowage in a recess in the back of the case. The meter at the top in the center showed battery voltage when the TX was turned on.

Wow, I learnt to fly on the Combi 80 Sport and have been flying Multiplex for 10 years now!"