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This contains comments on all Profi models (30xx and 4000). Please send your comments to Mike.

mc3030 Tips
Tru-Flite Simulator Tru-Flite through their distributor here in the US supplied a pig tail for my Multiplex 4000 transmitter. It must be modified. There are 5 pins on the connector Tru-Flite supplies. Looking from the back of the connector the second pin from the left is to be connected to the signal wire. That's the wire that runs in the middle of the coax cable. The coax shielding is connected to either the 4th or 5th pin from the left. They are then jumpered (connected) together. If they do that it will work.

I removed the module and I have to turn the transmitter on and off - so transmitter comes on automatically when connected. It works great and is an excellent simulator for RC airplanes and helicopters. Unfortunately I did not see any gliders on it. The arithmetic formula they use for their models are extremely realistic.
- Sam Johnson

Check Servo Limits You don't see any difference between 100 % and 110 %? Check that "Servo Limit" is no longer factory set to 100 %! Increase it to 110 % and it will work. 
- Juergen Neuenhahn
6-servo wing I have just bench tested a 6 servo wing for my Sharon Pro. I assigned servos 1 thru 6 to BUTTERFL. Servos as follows: 1->left tip 2->right tip 3->left main aileron 4->right main aileron 5->left flap and 6->right flap. I disabled the aileron function on servos 5 and 6. I certainly see no problems so far.
- Nigel Dell
Resetting the Timer I am well pleased with my 3030. I have my timer set to run when the throttle is advanced to 25% or more, and pause, rather than reset, when the stick is pulled back. It was annoying to find that I had forgotten to zero the timer since the last flight, I have now discovered that the timer can be reset by simply pressing the 'R' key.
Trevor Hewson
The Perils of Programming! 1. Don't adjust program settings during flight for any but the simplest functions. You can easily get into certain changes where the function freezes at centre position

2. When you change receiver type from PPM to PCM or visa versa remember to change the type in ALL flight modes!
- Preben Norholm
Hole plugs
Cover unused holes in the switch panels with a 1/4" hole plug from Maplin, part no. JX60Q. It's a little darker grey, but it's got the same orange peel texture as the Tx case.
- Mike Shellim
Transmitter Balance One problem highlighted in the review is the poor balance of the Tx with the with the neck strap extensions rods. Barry Cole has a solution in the form of a pair of further extensions, which attach to the MPX rods and place the neckstrap attachment points in a more comfortable position. See the plans.
Non-slip Stick Tops Futaba stick endsRemove existing stick top. Obtain a Futaba stick knob, unscrew the top section, drill out in a drill stand (11/64" drill for a close fit). Slide over shaft and secure with a drop of epoxy.

If you prefer longer sticks, Tony Baker's method is to cut off the tops off two Futaba s/ends and epoxy them directly onto the existing stick ends.
- Mike Shellim, Tony Baker
Remove the RF module when testing To reduce current consumption when playing with the set "off-line", e.g. for programming familiarisation, remove the RF module.
- Mike Shellim
Pulse width compatibility The default pulse width range of MPX transmitters is different to Futaba/JR standard. To match pulse width range, set the servo centering to -9% and the travel to about 75% using the Adjust Servo menu. By following this procedure for each servo, it is possible to switch between MPX and Futaba transmitters without the need to re-spline the servos.
-Mike Shellim
Non-slip sticks If you don't like the stick ends Maplins etc sell self adhesive rubber feet which if you select the right diameter fit in the well at the stick end.

I also scalpeled a cross into the rubber for even more grip. I did that two years ago and they haven't fallen off yet.

Gripe: if you download your memories to PC or swap between trannies then only the first 15 will go, also some info is not captured.

Having seen the other top end sets around I certainly wouldn't swap it.
- Kevin Newton
Normalising the Trims After trimming the model, you may want to move the trim levels back to neutral, keeping the same control surface neutrals. To do this:
For each control,
1. Go to the Control->Adjust menu, and note the value of the Centre parameter.
2. Move the corresponding trim lever to neutral.
3. Readjust the Centre parameter to what it was before.
- J. Neuenhahn
JR servo compatibility I can't solve the problem but I can add to it !!

My combination is a Multiplex 4000, MPX rx and JR 351's (metal geared 341's) which twitter and twitch ceaselesly combined with JR 9021's which are rocksteady and noiseless. Admittedly, I am using 5 cells -- the 9021's have no problem with this, the 351's apparently do.
- John Snell

Followup by Brian Miles 4th April 2000
An issue was raised by John Snell with reference to servo jitter when using JR351 servos and 5 cell pack.

The solution is the new Multiplex IPD receiver. IPD is the acronym for Intelligent Pulse Decoding.

This little jewel measures 53x29x16mm weights 32g has a power supply of 4-6 cells and has 2mv sensitivity with 8mA current drain. With UNI or MPX connectors it works fine with JR331/341/351 servos with absolutely no jitters on 4/5/6 cells. The other very good aspect is the price circa £50 which makes it very competitive with the current Futaba and JR receivers but with Multiplex quality.
Brian Miles
Futaba/MPX compatibility in USA ...I've just read your tx review with some interest since I have a 3030 (and a 4000 on order). I'm a bit puzzled as to how it managed to drive a futaba Rx - mine drives my Airtronics Rx's, which as you probably know use opposite direction pulses to Futaba.

Did you have to specify this, or did it come as the default for you? Or is it switchable on the very latest tx's, like my Stylus?

[In the UK MPX works with Futaba PPM Rx's no problem. In the US and other markets, there may be frequency shift issues - please check with your dealer! - Mike]

Also, you ought to mention that changing the RF pack is really trivial despite having to remove the back of the case - after all it only requires pressing the two buttons,no screws or anything!

All in all I much prefer the 3030 to al the FF7s, Infinty600s, ACE microPro 8000s, Stylus's etc that I've owned before!
- Tim Rowledge
All Multiplex gear
MPX 3030 I`ve been using MPX gear for 12 years now and I`ve enjoyed 100% reliability all this time. Not so much as a bit of trouble with any component. I had to replace the TX battery in my 3030 about 18 months ago, but hey, it`s 5 years old now!
I spend a lot of time building/preparing my models and I simply wouldn`t contemplate buying any other make of gear.

- Brian Bethell
MPX 3030 I have had virtually every set from the Royal Pro circa 1980, up to the present day 4000

When I went to work in the UAE in 1993 on a major Target Programme I was asked by the people at the GHQ to purchase one each of the best sets around at that time, to evaluate them for suitability for the Target programme.

To cut the story short we had a Futaba top of the range chrome cased Gap (or was it ZAP?), a top Jap spec JR-10 and also a MPX 3030 system on test out in the desert in some truly unbearable temperatures. Anyway, the outcome of all this was that both the Futaba and the JR failed!!!!! They turned out not to be that temperature stable at extreme midday desert temperatures, and working through May to August we had all sorts of problems!!

But the MPX:3030 didn't miss a beat and is still being used there today!!
- Tony Baker
MPX 3030 I used Proline radios they were the best, but with their demise when the Japanese arrived, I went to the Multiplex Profi 2000 which I still have and it still works to perfection.

Then, I purchased the Royal Expert which I also still have, and it too is still in perfect order.

Then it was the 3030 and I have never looked back.
- Roger Furgues
MPX 3010 I have a 3010 which is much the same as the 3030 and was faced with the same choices as your self - I have always used Futaba for the last 20 years (an 'M' series 4 channel then a Challenger set when I first joined the ISA).

I have'nt had much airtime with the new set but plenty of time to read and absorb the manual. Once you get to grips with the TOTALLY soft way in which things can be configured, it really is the best set on the market epecially for Glider people. I got mine for £400 from Model Images in Letchworth and I really won't need to buy another set.
- Michael Campbell
MPX 4000 I used a 3030 for almost 5 years and now have the 4000 with scanner. There are several excellent transmitters on the market today but none that I would trade my 4000 for!

BTW, I have been flying R/C for around 30 years and have used about everything made and I've had to pay my hard earned money for all of it! I fly a lot of semi-scale sailplanes in the 3-5 meter class but also fly a little of everything else so the programming features get a good workout.

I always say that if a 4000 can't do what you want done, then it isn't worth doing!
- Gary Retterbush
MPX 3010 Hi from Australia.

I have just purchased a multiplex 3010 Tx, which is a slight down-grade from the 3030. I have used JR & Hitec radio up until now.

We have no problems using JR & Hitec receivers with these radios. The programming takes a while to get use to but is far superior.
- Leigh Turner
MPX 3010 I chose the 3010 because of the flexibility, especially in assigning servos and mixers. One feature, IMHO, that I think is missing is a timer. The 3010 includes an operating period timer, but I think a stop watch type timer would have been more useful.

I love my 3010, if only I could afford a 4000 :-)
- Stuart Brown
MPX 3030 I have been operating a 3030 now for nearly ten years. I have used it with Multiplex, JR, and Hi-Tech receivers with no problems. I remain absolutely delighted with the 3030. Whilst I was surprised when I first saw the shape it is fine in operation. Regards, Mike Close Australia.
- Mike Close