Neckstrap Support Extenders

Text Barry Cole, photos Tony Baker.

The 3030 Tx does not have very good balance, even when using the factory supplied neck-strap rods. These extenders address the problem.

Extenders in action

You will need to already have the Mpx neck strap and arm set that fits in the bottom of the case. The extenders attach to the old neck strap attachment points and fold out and up towards the aerial.

Note I made the rods are made from stainless steel, and the plates from mild steel. If the plates are sprayed with WD 40 or the like they do not appear to go rusty. Mild steel would be OK for the rods too.

I would not recommend brass, as the loadings here can be quite high if you start walking around.

Rod Extenders - Fig 1

The whole thing is fixed together with 2 x 12 socket cap screws or similar.

You drill a 2.1mm hole through the end of the Mx arms 19.1mm from the end. This hole runs parallel with the front edge of the case.

Two pieces of 5mm dia bar are drilled as shown. The 3mm dia hole should have the sharp corners removed, and is fitted with a small keyring. This is then attached to the neck strap.

The side plates, (4 off) are made from 1.5mm flat, two off are drilled clearance and two off are tapped M2.

Fit the arms to the case in the normal way, and then bolt the extension arms facing forward, using the side plates. Tighten up the two screws through the extensions fairly tightly and lock with a nut on the inside.

Rod Extenders - Fig 2

The screw through the Mx arm is not fully tightened, but locked with a nut, to allow the arms to pivot down flat when not in use...

When adjusted, cut off screws and file flush with nuts.