mcTool Backup

What You Get

mcTool is a backup system for the mc3030, from Airworld in Germany. It offers protection against data loss and may be used as off-line memory expansion for earlier 15-memory transmitters. It can also be used to print out memory configurations (though in German).

mcTool runs under Windows 3.x and above and supports versions 1.x to 3.x of the mc3030.

What You Get

The program and manual are in German. Here is an English version (17KB text format) which I OCR'd.

The serial connector is a 25 DB connector which encloses a small PC board.

Getting Started

mcTool connected up Insert the floppy, run a brief setup program, and enter the program serial number.

Connect the transmitter to the PC, select the COM port, test and you're away...

Note that if your PC has a normal 9-pin port, you will need an adapter for the supplied 25-pin connector.

Simulation Mode

My 3030 transmitter (v 3.0) was used for testing. The software which was installed on a Pentium II / 400 running Windows 98.

To familiarise myself I used simulation mode which allows you to try things without a transmitter connected - a useful feature. To set simulation mode, you choose the Bearbeiten->Modus Wehlen menu and check the Sendersimulation box.

Importing/Backing up Data

Data is transferred from the transmitter into mcTool using the Import facility. Four different types of data can be imported. You can view several sets of data side by side.

Below is a description of each document type together with the extensions of the associated disk files.

Backup (.all) Dump of all the model memories + mixers.

Single Memory (.mod) Single memory dump.This document can be created either by importing direct from the Tx, or more conveniently by extracting from an open .all document using the Bearbeiten->Umwandeln menu. Note the displayed document is divided into three sections - control setup, servo setup and special functions. I was pleased to see it shows secondary switch usage e.g. for Spoiler in the example file.

User Defined Mixers (.zvb) A dump of the user-defined mixers. The data can either be imported from the Tx or extracted from a .all document.

Tx Information Shows serial number, software version etc. Note in the sample

All documents except Tx Info can be saved to disk and reopened for export to the transmitter. The files are stored in a proprietory format and are not meant to be edited - a good precaution against corrupting the transmitter.

This screen shot shows two open documents, the top one is .all document from a backup, the one behind is the .mod file for the first model memory.

mcTool screenshot

A full back up of all 99 memories took under a minute. A progress indicator provides visual confirmation.

Exporting/Restoring Data

mcTool can work the other way, i.e. restore data to the transmitter. Typically you open a previously saved .zbv, .all or .mod document, and then choose Sender->Exportieren from the menu.

When exporting single-model (.mod) data, you are prompted for the target model number, and it's up to you not to accidentally over-write an active memory. To avoid any problems due to mistakes, it's a good idea to do a backup first.

Disaster recovery

Whenever you make make major changes or additions to the setups you should remember to a full backup to a .all file, 

Then, when your Tx has been lost, stolen, run over by a car or otherwise incapacitated, you open the your most recent backup and Export it to your new transmitter. 

Fortunately I haven't needed to use this yet, but judging by the quality of the rest of the software I don't anticipate any problems.


The lack of English documentation is a minor irritation. Otherwise it's well thought out, robust, and works well.

Purchase Details

Price: 190 DM

Hans-Dieter Reisert
Henschelstr. 11
63110 Rodgau

Tel.: (06106) 79228
FAX: (06106) 79731