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Jumper T16 review

ImageIt sings like an X10, and it's cheaper. But is it ready for prime time? [RC-Soar blog]

Welsh Open F3F

ImageThe 25th Anniversay of this international F3F competition!

English Open F3F

ImageA win for Andy Burgoyne at this annual event at Whitesheet

La Muela magic

ImageAnother fab flying holiday, with some beautiful landscapes thrown in

BMFA F3F L2 S Wales

ImageAndy Burgoyne is king of Mickey's

Crow-aware elevator trim

Image A Lua-based adaptive elevator trim system for OpenTx [RC-Soar blog].

F3X templates for OpenTx

ImageTutorials on OpenTx, and advanced F3X templates

Making a CG Scale

ImageAn open source CG scale, using Arduinos and 3D-printed parts [blog]


The famous depron foamie - full plans shown

OpenTx - the basics

F3F Setup for Taranis

All you need to know to create your own setups

Big Brother is Watching You

How a bunch of pilots ended up on Google Earth

F3F on Streetview

F3F on Google streetview.

Thanks to Jonathan Sage for spotting this capture from the 2009 Welsh Open