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2022 Welsh Open

ImageA comp in varying conditions sees Peter Gunning as the new Welsh Open champ.

DLG template for Ethos

ImageFull feauture DLG template for Ethos, with launch height callout, in flight adjustable mixes etc.

Review: RadioMaster Zorro

ImageRadioMaster's versatile baby transmitter reviewed [RC-Soar blog]

2022 English Open

ImageLight winds at Whitesheet, with a win for John Phillips.

Mike's Ethos Hangar

ImageTemplates and tutorials for FrSky's ETHOS operating system

RadioMaster TX16S review

Image Can this MPM based OpenTX radio crush my X9D Plus? [RC-Soar blog]

F3X templates for OpenTx

ImageTutorials on OpenTx, and advanced F3X templates

Crow-aware elevator trim

Image A Lua-based adaptive elevator trim system for OpenTx [RC-Soar blog].


The famous depron foamie - full plans shown

OpenTx - the basics

F3F Setup for Taranis

All the knowledge you need to create great setups

Big Brother is Watching You

How a bunch of pilots ended up on Google Earth