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L to R: Ethos screenshot, Bruce Hudson with F3F setup (for OpenTX), FrSky X20, F3F action, X20 with author's Sting


Welcome to Mike's Ethos Hangar, the site dedicated to Frsky's popular operating system. Ethos offers most of the flexibility of OpenTX and EdgeTX, but is easier to program, with a simple touch-based interface.

The site offers a growing range of quality F3/5X templates, for sailplanes and electric flight. These are based on my popular OpenTX templates.

Ethos 1.5: for compatibility info, please see the Support page.

For those who prefer to program for themselves, there are tips and tutorials to help you on your Ethos journey.

Thank you to our sponsors T9 Hobbysport, for their continued support. Please support them by visiting their site!

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Suggestions and feedback welcome - I can be contacted from here.

Happy flying!
- Mike Shellim