devsim screenshot

DevMon running in the Ethos X20 simulator.

DevMon widget

DevMon is a visual aid for developing model setups. It displays a live representation of your model, together with mixer values, logical switch and timers.

All the information is updated in real time as you operate the controls or make changes to the programming. This means that you can design and test your setup without assembling the model, saving time and hassle. (The model will of course be needed for final adjustments to the outputs).

DevMon configures itself automatically, using the channel names as clues. It can also be configured through the Configure widget menu. DevMon is non-invasive: aside from storing widget settings, DevMon does not make any changes to your setup.

DevMon was used in the design and testing of the E-Soar MAXX template.

Key features

DevMon 1.7


Transmitter running Ethos, or Ethos simulator
Ethos 1.4.0 or later



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