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This page contains tips and alerts which are additional to the Setup guides for the Pro templates. In particular it deals with migration issues related to Ethos 1.5

Can I migrate my v1 Pro setups to from Ethos 1.4 to 1.5?

Yes, if you flash the latest Ethos version (currently 1.5.7). For a complete list of targets, please see below::

Ethos 1.5.7

Recommended version. The v1 Pro setups are converted correctly without modification.

Ethos 1.5.3, 1.5.4 or 1.5.5

Please do not flash these versions as they may cause your v1 Pro setups to fail (migration issues #3801, #3718, #3724)

Ethos 1.5.0, 1.5.1, 1.5.2 or 1.5.6

Some minor modifications may be needed for your v1 Pro setups - see table below. The mods can be made before or after flashing Ethos.

Template Issue after migration Logical switch fix
DLG 1.3.0 Launch height callout not working LS:ALT_CALL set minimum duration = 0.1s
F3F 1.1.0 [no known issues]
E-Soar Maxx 1.0.0 Unintended spinup if fast idle enabled LS:FSTIDL_EXCEED set ActiveCondition = LS:ARMED
No"Motor to idle before arming" alert LS:MTI_ALERT set min duration = 0.1s
No "Motor control disabled " alert LS:MCD_ALERT set min duration = 0.1s
E-Soar Plus 1.1.2 No "Motor to idle before arming" alert LS:MOTOR_LEV_ON_ALERT set duration = 0.1s
F5K 1.0.0 No "Motor to idle before arming" alert LS:MO_LEV_ON_ALERT set duration = 0.1s

Remember to clone a backup before making any changes, and test carefully before flying - especially for correct operation of ailerons.

Configuration via VARs instead of Vars mixer

Configuration of your v1.x Pro setups is done differently under Ethos 1.5. Instead of adjusting Vars mixes, you will use the VARs menu. Please take this into account when following the Setup guide for your template. The VARs menu is accessed from the second page of the Ethos start screen.

What is new in the v2 templates?

Version 2 of the Pro templates are now available. These are in Ethos 1.5 format and will run without modification.

Changes from v1 to v2.0:

v2.1 and above will include new functionality taking advantage of Ethos 1.5's advanced new features.

Var mixes have disappeared in Ethos 1.5

Starting with Ethos 1.5, Var mixes are no longer available.

After flashing from 1.4 to 1.5, the following changes are made to your setups on first opening:

Sounds not working in Ethos 1.5

Audio has changed in 1.5. It's now based on 'voices'. Three system-wide voices are available, each linked to a subfolder of your choice containing the .wav files.

The Pro templates use voice1, so the sounds must be copied to the voice 1 subfolder. To determine the voice1 subfolder:

  1. Open the System>General menu.
  2. Scroll to the Audio section
  3. Make a note of the entry for voice1, let's call it 'xx'. (If the entry is blank, then change it to a valid subfolder.)
  4. Establish a USB connection with your PC
  5. Look in the \audio folder, and find the subfolder with the name that you identified in step 3. It will be something like \audio\en\gb\'xx' (british english) or \audio\en\us\'xx' (US English) or \audio\{lang}\'xx' (other languages)

The folder identified in step 5 is where you should copy the sound files.

If you want to use voice2 or voice3 for your audio, then you'll need to open the Special Functions menu and edit each of the 'Play Audio' entries.

What do 'left' and 'right' mean in the setup guides?

'Left' and 'right' are from an observer behind the tail, looking forwards.

How do I install Ethos updates?

To download and flash the latest version of Ethos, install the Ethos Suite application, available from GitHub. Ethos Suite handles everything, from determining the firmware on your tx, to downloading and flashing the latest firmware and sound files. A USB cable will be required to connect the tx to your computer.

Will the Pro templates work on my X18?

The Pro templates are built for the X20 however they should work fine on other transmitters such as the X18 and XE. There may be one or two changes needed if the target transmitter lacks certain controls. The setup guide explains how to reassign those controls. If you still have issues, please contact me.

How do I change the order of the servo channels?

There are two ways of changing the servo channel order:

Method 1 - remapping the rx pins

If you have an Archer receiver, or an RX- or G-RX-series receiver with the latest ACCESS firmware, then you can remap the receiver pins. This can be done OTA (over the air) from your Ethos transmitter.

First, register and bind the receiver. Then in the RF menu of your transmitter, open the RX Settings menu. There you'll see the pin mapping, which you can alter to suit.

Channel to rx-pin mapping

Channel to rx-pin mapping (ACCESS only).

Method 2 - manual reassignment

The second way is to change the channel order in your Ethos setup. But beware, Ethos does not make it easy - you have to follow a procedure for each mixer belonging to the channel you want to reassign.

Let's say you want to reassign CH5 to CH8, where CH5 has one or more mixers and CH8 is unused. Here's the procedure:

  1. Open the Mixers menu, go to the first mixer line belonging to CH5 and open the mixer editor.
  2. Change the mixer's output from CH5 to CH8. When prompted to swap channel settings, choose 'Yes'. This (a) reassigns the mixer output to CH8, and (b) swaps the Min, Max, Subtrim, curve, etc. between CH5 and CH8.
  3. Identify the rest of the mixes belonging to CH5. For each of these repeat step 2 except choose 'No' when prompted to swap. This reassigns the mixer outputs to CH8 without swapping the channel settings (which have already been swapped in (2) above).

This procedure is well suited for reassigning to an empty channel (with no mixes) as in the above example. Things become more difficult when swapping between channels both of which have mixes.

Plan carefully and always clone a backup beforehand!

I can't see the template in the Model Select menu

Make sure you have at least the minimum Ethos version required for the template. The minimum is shown on the template page.

If the model file is still not visible, it may be that there are special characters in file name (this was the case with early versions of the templates). Rename the .bin file, changing upper case characters to lower case, and stripping out any non-alphanumeric characters. Then restart the transmitter.

How should I organise my models?

Use the 'custom folders' feature to organise your models (introduced in Ethos 1.1). For example, templates might go into a 'Templates' folder, unflown models would go in a 'Testing' folder, and so on.

Ethos also associates a model type with each setup, this being 'airplane', 'glider', 'heli', 'multi' or 'other'. The model type should not be changed, as it determines the mixers available for programming.


If you have a query, I can be contacted here. Please include as much detail as possible including: template name and version, Ethos version, transmitter, and the steps to reproduce the issue.