Safety advisory E-Soar MAXX 1.0.0

Applies to

E-Soar MAXX 1.0.0 + Ethos 1.5


If running ESM 1.0.0 under Ethos 1.5 the motor may - very rarely - spin up at fast idle speed after switching on. This is caused by the false triggering of logical switch LS45 at startup.

The fix

Please apply the following fix before migrating to Ethos 1.5. (If you're already running 1.5, you should disable FastIdle until the fix is implemented.)

  1. Open the Logical switches menu
  2. Skip to logical switch 'LSW45:FSTIDL EXCEED'
  3. Long press and select Edit
  4. In the Active condition field, click the down arrow to edit
  5. Select category 'Logical Switches', then select logical switch ARMED


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