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This page is for primarily for support of the templates available on on this site, however some of the material will be of more general interest.

Ethos 1.5

Ethos 1.5 is a major upgrade which is now in Release Candidate phase. It is recommended not use the Pro templates with 1.5 until all migration issues are identified. This page will be updated as the situation develops.

Experienced users only: If you really must try 1.5 then backup all your models first, and be prepared to flash back to 1.4. Below are migration notes as they affect the Pro templates.


1.5 has a new VARS menu. Template parameters which were previously set in a Vars mix should now be done in the VARS element of the same name.

(When flashing from 1.4 to 1.5, all Var mixes are automatically converted to Freemixes - these act as intermediaries between the new VARS elements and the old Vars outputs. These new Freemixes should not be touched.)

Audio files

Prior to 1.5 template audio files were located in the SD/audio folder. With 1.5 they go in the SD/audio/{language} folder for example /audio/en.

What do 'left' and 'right' mean in the template instructions?

'left' and 'right' are relative to an imaginary pilot looking forwards in the direction of flight.

Where can I get the latest version of Ethos? And how do I flash it?

To download and flash the latest version of Ethos, install the Ethos Suite application. This is available from the Ethos GitHub site. Ethos Suite handles everything, from determining the firmware on your tx, to downloading and flashing the latest firmware and sound files. A USB cable will be required to connect the tx to your computer.

Will the templates work on my X18?

The Pro templates are built for the X20 however they should work fine on other transmitters such as the X18 and XE. There may be one or two changes needed if the target transmitter lacks certain controls. The setup guide explains how to reassign those controls. If you still have issues, please contact me.

How do I change the order of the servo channels?

There are two ways of changing the servo channel order:

Method 1 - remapping the rx pins

If you have an Archer receiver, or an RX- or G-RX-series receiver with the latest ACCESS firmware, then you can remap the receiver pins. This can be done OTA (over the air) from your Ethos transmitter.

First, register and bind the receiver. Then in the RF menu of your transmitter, open the RX Settings menu. There you'll see the pin mapping, which you can alter to suit.

Channel to rx-pin mapping

Channel to rx-pin mapping (ACCESS only).

Method 2 - swapping outputs

The second way is to change the channel order in your Ethos setup. But beware, Ethos does not make it easy - you have to swap between pairs of outputs, and you have to do this for each affected mixer.

To change a pair of outputs,

  1. Identify the first affected mixer, and open the mixer editor.
  2. Select the new output channel, choosing 'yes' when prompted to swap with the original one. This swaps the name, min, max, subtrim, curve, etc. of the two outputs.
  3. For the remaining affected mixes, reassign (don't swap) the outputs. Follow the same process as above, except choose 'no' when prompted to swap.

The above procedure ensures that the internal data of the outputs are swapped only once. If you swap twice by mistake, the outputs will end up unchanged - the solution is to swap a third time!

Typically it'll be necessary to swap between two or three pairs of outputs in order to achieve the required channel order. To avoid confusion, it's worth planning the swaps in advance. And remember to clone yourself a backup beforehand.

I can't see the template in the Model Select menu

Make sure you have at least the minimum Ethos version required for the template. The minimum is shown on the template page.

If the model file is still not visible, it may be that there are special characters in file name (this was the case with early versions of the templates). Rename the .bin file, changing upper case characters to lower case, and stripping out any non-alphanumeric characters. Then restart the transmitter.

How should I organise my models?

Use the 'custom folders' feature to organise your models (introduced in Ethos 1.1). For example, templates might go into a 'Templates' folder, unflown models would go in a 'Testing' folder, and so on.

Ethos also associates a model type with each setup, this being 'airplane', 'glider', 'heli', 'multi' or 'other'. The model type should not be changed, as it determines the mixers available for programming.


If you have a query, I can be contacted here. Please include as much detail as possible including: template name and version, Ethos version, transmitter, and the steps to reproduce the issue.