F3F template (OTX version) controlling a Baudis Pitbull 2. La Muela, Spain.

F3F - Pro template for slope soarers

F3F is the first in a series of Pro templates for Ethos. It's specially designed for slope soarers with six servos. It has all the mixing needed for F3F competition, yet is easy to use for sport flying.

The template is closely based on the well proven OpenTX version.

Key features:

Also included is a special 'CAL' mode for precise matching of control surface travels.

X20 transmitter

Control layout showing flight mode switches and mix adjusters. Layout is customisable.



For 6-servo slope soarers

V-, T- or X-tail

Any stick mode

Flight modes

Normal/Reflex, Climb, Landing

Pump mode (optional)

Voice confirmation

Trimming adjusters

Adjuster for aileron diff

Adjuster for camber

Adjuster for snapflap volume

Adjuster for snapflap expo

Adjuster for crow compensation

Crow functions

Aileron diff suppression

Reverse diff

Crow/elev comp with curve

'Autocrow' option

Adjustable deadband on crow stick


Customisable switch layout

'CAL' mode

Full travel on flap servos

F3F v1.1.0 for Ethos

Ethos v 1.3.3 or later


Marco Sanna for Italian guide and sounds
Michel for French sounds.

Version history


Blog: designing a transmitter setup for F3F


Feedback and queries are always welcome - I can be contacted here.