F3F slope racer

2019-03-31 winner Winter league Champion of Champions
2018-08-19 winner English Open F3F (4 out of the 24 pilots were using this template)


This template is for slope racers with 4 + 2 servos. It's the setup of choice for several F3F competition pilots, both in the UK and abroad. It is also great for sport flyers who want maximum enjoyment from their mouldies!

Key features :

The setup also features a special 'CAL' mode, for quick and precise adjustment of control surface travel & tracking.

Taranis layout

Default interface (X9D + mode 2 shown) - flight modes , mix adjusters
Switch layout can be customised



- For 6-servo gliders
- V-, T- or X-tail
- Any stick mode

Flight modes

- Normal, Climb, Landing
- Reflex option in Normal mode
- Pump mode (optional)
- Voice confirmation
- Switch customisations

Trimming adjusters

- Adjuster for aileron diff
- Adjuster for camber preset
- Adjuster for snapflap volume
- Adjuster for snapflap expo
- Adjuster for crow compensation

Crow functions

- Aileron diff suppression
- Reverse diff
- Crow/elev comp with curve
- 'Autocrow' option
- Adjustable deadband on crow stick

Advanced snapflap mix (optional)

- Lua script supplied for advanced snapflap mix

Control surface calibration

- 'CAL' mode for adusting travel + limits
- 5-point balancing curve for flaps
- Full rotation available on flap servos

F3F v5.0.2

Transmitters: Any OpenTX transmitter with 2 pots or sliders
OpenTx: 2.2.1 or later


If using OpenTx 2.1, then please use F3F 4.3.0


Blog: designing a transmitter setup for F3F


Feedback and queries are always welcome - I can be contacted here.