Safety switch

Here's a recipe for a 'virtual' safety switch. It requires two hands to activate, making it suitable for safety-critical functions such as calibration mode. (A modified version is used as a motor arm/kill switch).

To switch on:
  1. Apply full up elevator and full left aileron, and hold.
  2. Pull and release momentary switch SH.
  3. Release stick(s).

To switch off:

There is no need for a switch check at startup, since the switch defaults to off.

How it works

The basic safety switch is implemented using four logical switches:

Screen cap

Integrating in your setup

Use L3 as the switch for whatever you want to control. If you wish to use different logical switches to those shown (e.g. if L1-L4 are already used), make sure to amend all references as necessary.


Safety switch demo