Mark Abbotts at an F3F comp

RC-Soar templates

Don't have the time to program that perfect setup? Then just choose from the proven range of RC-Soar templates. Load one into your transmitter, and in little time you'll be ready to fly with a fully featured setup.

The FAI class templates are well proven in UK and international competition.

Template Application FAI class chans Tail
DLG6S DLGs with 4 wing servos F3K 6 cross
DLG DLGs with 2 wing servos F3K 4 cross
E-Soar Plus E-soaring with 4 wing servos F5J 7 cross or V
EasyGee Easy Glider and similar 5 cross
F3F sloper Slope soarers with 4 wing servos F3F 6 cross or V
F3J/TD thermal TD and thermal competition F3J/TD 6 cross or V
Wingy Flying wings with 2 servos 2
Wingy4S Flying wings with 4 servos 4
Ahi 4-channel aerobatic slope soarers 4 cross

Common features

All templates share these features:


Before using a template, please see the support/FAQ page for any advisories/issues.