"Show It All" info widget



ShowItAll displays all the basics in a single widget. So you spend less time widgeting, and more time flying!

ShowItAll is included on the SD card of the RadioMaster TX16S.


ShowItAll v0.9.12


  • Tx with colour screen (X10/X12S, T16, TX16S etc.)
  • OpenTX 2.2+ or EdgeTX 2.4+


Version History

Ver Date Notes
0.9.12 2023-10-05 Display T5, T6 for supported transmitters
0.9.11 2023-01-05 Min pane height for full info reduced to 168 px (required for ETX 2.9.0)
0.9.10 2022-10-18 Min pane height for full info reduced to 169 px (required for ETX 2.8.0)
0.9.9 2022-02-05 Min pane height for full info reduced to 170 px (required for EdgeTX)
0.9.8 2021-10-23 Fixed 'Error in refresh(): bad argument #3' on startup in EdgeTX.
Added Cels, A3 and A4 to list of voltage telemetry
0.9.7 2021-10-03 Displays o/s name correctly when running EdgeTX.
0.9.6 2021-04-20 Autodetects voltage telemetry: RxBt, A1, or A2
0.9.5 2021-02-21 Tidied up function hms()
0.9.4 2021-01-05 Fixed negative times display. Layout enhancements.
0.9.3 2020-07-20 Added display of OpenTX version
0.9.2 2020-05-22 Fixed ‘disabled’ error when displaying in full pane
0.9.1 2020-05-16 Added option to show undefined LS's as dots
0.9.0 2019-11-23 First release