Crow-aware elevator trim



This popular script allows the pilot to optimise pitch trim quickly across the full range of crow - simply using the elevator trim. The process is completely transparent - no looking down, no switches required!

Behind the scenes, the elevator trim is repurposed - instead of applying a fixed offset, it bends the crow compensation curve. The script knows which curve point to adjust, based on the crow value.

The script runs under OpenTX or EdgeTX, and runs on any compatible transmitter. The compensation curve and script configuration are stored as regular curves within the model file, and so are preserved when migrating to another transmitter even of a different type.

EdgeTX users: if using EdgeTX 2.9 or above, please use version 3.2 - see downloads section below. This fixes an incompatibility due to internal changes in EdgeTX.

For more information, see "Crow-aware adaptive elevator trim" (blog post).


Crow aware trim script v3.2


  • Any mono or colour screen tx
  • OpenTX 2.2 or above
  • EdgeTX 2.4 or above