Multiplex Easy Glider

EasyGee template for 4-servo e-soarers

Current version 1.0.0 (2021-08-08)


Template for electric sailplanes with four servos + ESC, such as the Multiplex EasyGlider. While simple in operation, it features a few little refinements!

Key features:

The template also features an integrated CAL mode, for precise adjustment of control surface tracking.

Taranis layout

Default layout showing flight modes and mix adjusters.
Stick mode and layout can be changed



For e-gliders with 4 servos + ESC

Cross tail

Any stick mode

Flight modes

Cruise, Power

Voice confirmation


Switched or variable motor control

Safe arming with choice of gestures

Elevator compensation

In-flight adjusters

Adjuster for aileron diff

Adjuster for motor/ele compensation

Control surface calibration

integrated 'CAL' mode


Integrated flight timer

Channels 8-9 free for other functions

Aileron to rudder mix


EasyGee version 1.0.0

Minimum requirements

  • OpenTx: v2.2.1 or EdgeTX 2.7.1 or later


For list of changes see Version history


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